Region 6: Western Visayas ••• Capiz

"Panublion," a Hiligaynon term meaning guardian of precious things is the official name of The Roxas City Museum. The whitewashed    museum building, once a circular water tank, is a good example of   intelligent architectural reuse. In 1910, President Pastor Alcazar, third president of the town of Capiz (1908-12) constructed a water tank near the"municipio"to provide water to the Kapisnon during the dry months. Water flowed from the roof of the two-story municipal building to the tank. The municipio was destroyed during World War II, but the water tank which is 11.5 meters in diameter and 6.10 meters in height, with walls 27.5 cm thick, was spared. After the War, offices were built around the tank completely hiding it from view. Only a water spout was visible.In 1993, the offices were demolished and for the first time in three decades, the water tank was seen. The old water tank looked quite imposing, like a lady, grown serene,strong yet gracious and to demolish it would be like cutting the umbilical cord to the past. However, the water tank had outlived its usefulness as Roxas City had a new water system. The city government and other citizens came up with the idea of converting it into a museum and the Roxas City Museum, Ang Panublion, became a reality.

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